About Us

Hi, I am Barbara Burris.  My daughter Susan Kelly and I started this on-line shop in 2016.  We have both always liked to sew  so we decided to share some of the things we make.  We call them our treasures.  Everything is hand-crafted by one of us and we always use high quality products.  If you see something you like but would prefer in a different color or something else sightly different, please contact us ans let's see what we can do.  We can't always do it but we will do our best.

So we cut the fabric, threaded the needles, and warmed up the machine and a new store was born,This store is one of a kin.  SnB Treasures find wonderful treasures.  The Store  gleams with colors of red, blue, black, and yellow.You will  find  colors or gold and silver, brass, and thing just  keep getting better,and better.